Love in Isolation – Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Wednesday and Thursday 10 am to 1 pm







Love In Isolation – Shakespeare’s Sonnets


This is a fun interactive and affordable way to practice Sonnets in Isolation. Video a version on your phone to send a message of love to someone you care about.

The course runs over two days with lots of time to film

Wednesday 1st of April 10 am-1 pm (3hrs)

Thursday, 2nd of April 10 am-1 pm (3hrs)

The numbers are limited to 8 people.

Fee $110

It’s not surprising why a large portion of your favorite actors share one important thing –  a background in classical training.   Shakespeare gives us all the tools we need to bring a piece from the page to an exciting and vibrant performance.

Shakespeare helps us form a grounding of language and story structure.  Not only will Actors recieve an understanding in why this text is still fundamentally important for modern actors – they will leave this workshop with a true appreciation of what this language means to you personally and why it is worthy of your love.

Studying Shakespeare encourages and even forces you to make strong choices and bold decisions; because without those, your performance will be underpowered.

Practice your craft and use what you have learned to send your uplifting finished video to someone you love.

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