Audition Masterclass – Wednesday Nights Term 4

28th of September – 16th of November 2022





Audition Masterclass – Acting Course Term 4

Start: Wednesday, 28th of September 2022
Finish: Wednesday, 16th of November 2022
Wednesday, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
8 Weeks

Location: Peter Rasmussen Casting, McDowall, QLD 4053

Fee: $500.00

Payment Plans available.

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Audition Masterclass

Work with a professional casting director to give the best of yourself in all your online and in-person auditions and make submitting online easy.

Whether you are delivering a self-test for a lead or support, auditioning for a commercial, one line in a feature, a guest in a TV show or a lead role, I will give you the techniques you need to properly showcase your abilities. Using techniques to engage your strength and vulnerability, we will aim to produce your best performances, even with the time pressure of an audition.

Using devices you already own to make a self-test is surprisingly easy. While a handicam works brilliantly, you can make great self-tests using your mobile phone with a few easy-to-understand tools. You can make the technical side of self-testing a breeze.

We’ll be working with exciting material and setting unique challenges.


The Work

You’ll learn how best to prepare, using techniques from Uta Hagen, Chubbuck, Larry Moss, Eric Morris and Mark Travis. Above all, you’ll be getting the benefit of my 20 years of professional experience working in this industry.

I find great pleasure sharing the latest techniques to give you the best chance at scoring a role. As a casting director, I love nothing more than arriving at a director’s office with a swag of beautiful performances to share. As anyone who has auditioned for me can verify, I work hard with you to get the best performance possible. Therefore, you’ll be able to submit multiple exciting scenes to show your range and ability, every time.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare for auditions using detailed script analysis

  • Make the best acting choices to show you at your best

  • Create professional self-tests at home

  • Upload the tests

  • How to host your own online audition effectively

  • Do one-line scenes (Commercials)

  • Prepare short scenes for supports

  • How to create auditions for  lead roles

  • Get an understanding of the casting process from a seasoned professional

The course is open to actors aged 16 years and over.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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