Words from acting students and industry professionals on my work as an acting coach

As an acting coach in Brisbane, I’ve been lucky enough to work with a number of talented actors who have created successful careers in the industry, gained acceptance into renowned acting schools, created relationships with agents and most importantly, are creating work they’re proud of. Below are a number of kind words from these actors as well as respected industry professionals talking about my approach as an acting coach and how it has affected their work and their career.

If you’d like the chance to work with me, I offer regular acting classes in Brisbane, acting workshops in Brisbane, and one-on-one training for things like audition preparation, self-tapes and more. Feel free to follow the above links for more information or get in touch directly for a friendly chat.

  • Emily Weir
    Emily Weir


    Peter has truly taught me the art of ‘subtly on camera’ when auditioning for a role. He utilises his techniques and exercises so wonderfully in the moment, that before I knew it I was no longer “acting” or “pushing”, I was simply was telling the truth. He has enabled me to learn what is important when auditioning for film and TV and what to simply throw away. Not only is Peter an amazing teacher,  he is also a real ally in championing his students all the way to reaching their goals. I simply couldn’t have gotten where I am today without his help and guidance.

  • Laura Gardner
    Laura Gardner

    Actor and Coach

    Peter Rasmussen brings his years as a casting director and actor to his coaching with an eclectic mix of wisdom, humor and insight. He is a gentle yet honest coach with great compassion. I highly recommend the professional as well as the beginner to work with this man!

  • Ryan Corr
    Ryan Corr


    It’s rare to find a person so dedicated to extracting the best out of a performance or the artist. I had the pleasure of working with Peter in two self-tests, both very last minute and time stressed. Through workshopping and direction we explored together to come up with two tests that I walked away proud of; which to me is the aim of the game. Knowing you’ve put your best foot forward and your hat in the ring for a part is the beginning and the end of our work sometimes. If you can say you’ve done that, you’ve done your work.
    Oh, and I got the job. Maybe both…

  • Jasmine Russ
    Jasmine Russ

    Casting Director LA

    Peter’s classes are at the heart of every audition I run. The combination of casting knowledge and acting technique he injects into each lesson is what has given me the edge in LA and keeps me competitive in the industry. Every actor I bring in, whether, for commercial, theatre, film or television, is given direction and cast from the foundation of Peter’s techniques.

  • Michelle Law
    Michelle Law

    Actor and Writer

    I’d been recommended Peter’s classes by numerous actor friends and was looking for something that would help me prepare for my role in a web series for SBS. I loved learning the fundamentals of Uta Hagen’s techniques and as an actor, I became much more aware of what creates a truthful and interesting scene. Peter is an incredibly warm and attentive teacher who takes time with each individual actor, pushing them in constructive ways towards making new discoveries about themselves as performers as well as the work they’re dissecting.

  • Matt McInally
    Matt McInally


    Across my many terms with Peter the classroom ebbed with curiosity and exploration of an art as well as an industry. It is Peter’s warmth, respect, professionalism, and love for acting that laid the foundations for my career so far and why I would recommend him to others.

  • Shuang Hu
    Shuang Hu


    Peter is one of the most patient acting coaches you will come across. He genuinely cares about his students’ learning which is evident through the supportive environment he fosters in the classroom.
    I’ve gone on to book many roles, including series regular roles in The Family Law and Ronny Chieng: International Student.

  • Lilly Jones
    Lilly Jones

    Acting School Student

    I auditioned unsuccessfully for QUT in 2015 but a year later, after a term of Peter’s classes and individual lessons with Peter my acting improved dramatically – I now understood my characters – because of Peter’s teaching, I managed to get a place a year later.
    I didn’t feel nervous while performing scene work and monologues because Peter and the class were so supportive, fun and energetic and I knew I was in a ‘safe’ space. I looked forward to classes all week.
    I refer back to my class notes and Peter’s handouts all the time.

  • Georgina Hopson
    Georgina Hopson

    Actor and Musical Theatre Performer

    I would 100% recommend Peter to fellow actors – he creates a very comfortable and safe space to work in, which is important when you are trying new things and being vulnerable. I am very grateful to his class for teaching me so much.
    I toured with Opera Australia’s production of My Fair Lady, directed by Dame Julie Andrews, as an ensemble member and Eliza Doolittle understudy. I played Wendy Hogan, on the Channel 7 biopic Hoges, working alongside amazing Australia talent like Josh Lawson, Justine Clarke and Ryan Corr. I have also had the chance to star in a national television commercial for Gold Lotto.
    None of these opportunities would have been possible had I not had the chance to hone my acting technique with Peter.

  • Angie Cocciolone
    Angie Cocciolone


    The course had been recommended to me by a respected industry professional.
    Before joining Peter’s class I was afraid to really commit to my work. Afraid to let the energy out that was necessary to bring my scenes to life.

    The lessons are funny, engaging and the environment is so supportive. No matter your level of experience the class really comes together to do their best and give everything a go.

    Peter invests so much time, passion and energy into his classes. He focuses on your individual needs and strives to help you release blocks. In every lesson you are pushed outside of your comfort zone and you feel amazing for it.

  • Katherine Elizabeth
    Katherine Elizabeth


    Before training with Peter I’d only worked on stage and had no confidence in my ability to act on camera. He quickly put me at ease and showed me how to apply his techniques to any medium (and instantly, since they were so simple and practical). Peter creates a safe space so actors can really “play” and increase their confidence which I’ve found to be the most important part of what I do. He has something to offer actors of all experience levels!

  • Caitlin Hill
    Caitlin Hill


    Peter is just a delight to be around, he’s a constant reminder that yes, acting requires hard work, but it can come from a pure place of joy.
    Sometimes it’s hard to go back to class after doing conservatory training, I was afraid of being totally out of my depth and inflexible.
    Working with other actors is inspiring, you learn so much from watching others, and we got to work on some great scripts.

  • Raechyl French
    Raechyl French


    I came to Pete to practice further acting techniques as I had only just begun working out the world of acting. I walked into an incredibly inviting, encouraging and professional environment full of supportive actors who embraced each lesson’s exercises with zeal. From his classes, I learned more about myself, the acting craft and practical problem-solving tools that I continue to employ in my work. The term on Hagen, in particular, transformed my perspective on the significance of the other actor/character in performance and fed my later work at WAAPA. Pete’s classes feed and fuel the hunger to learn more about techniques that can be applied to my acting work and future training.

  • Sarah Wrobel
    Sarah Wrobel


    I love working with Peter. His success in the industry and as a Casting Director intimidated me before starting classes, however all my insecurities flew out the door within minutes of the first class. His passion and enthusiasm for creativity is infectious and he takes such joy in watching his actors flourish. Peter’s approach to teaching is thorough and efficient and his class is a safe space to learn, develop your skills and have fun. I cannot recommend Peter’s classes enough.

  • John Orcsik
    John Orcsik


    As Peter comes from the dual position of Actor and Casting Director he is able to be both critical in his analysis of an actors work and then has the knowledge and capability to correct errors and contribute greatly to that actor’s growth.

    Apart from that, he’s a thoroughly nice guy.

  • Phil Hayden
    Phil Hayden

    Howard Fine Melbourne

    Peter Rasmussen has the experience and intelligence to expertly guide and improve anyone as an actor and the heart and warmth to make the experience enjoyable.

    As someone who enjoyed a career as an actor – Peter really makes you feel like ‘one of us’ is behind the camera. His desire to see you succeed is self-evident.

  • Albert Mwangi
    Albert Mwangi

    Actor – NIDA

    Peter’s class was my first official class when I decided to take the acting path. I was naturally nervous but found that his collaborative teaching style and techniques drawn from Chubbuck and Uta Hagen, got students in class comfortable acting in front of each other and ready to take up challenges. This personally allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and try out character choices that I would’ve otherwise been afraid to use. His exercises allowed me to understand the characters I was playing and those I was responding to in the scenes. That understanding significantly helped me get accepted into NIDA.

  • Alexandra Jones
    Alexandra Jones


    Thank you so much for the fantastic casting day you held for QLD Equity members on Friday.

    I didn’t realise that you were such a great acting teacher – as well as a terrific casting director. The actors got so much out of the workshop… these days are just so valuable. Thank you so much and I hope we can do more…

    – Alexandra Jones, Program Manager, Equity Foundation